#1 What it means to be Good Listener ?!!

    Originally published OCT 4, 2017 8:01:00 AM

Can we see the World without our own eyes? Many of you might say "No". But my answer will be a "Yes". We can see the World through the eyes of others by becoming a good listener. Becoming a listener gives us many qualities. While pondering over various segments of today's life, we can view the benefits of becoming a good listener. 
The best example is to take the life of a young child and an adult. Remember in our childhood days we used to listen to whatever the elders used to tell us, particularly by our parents and teachers. If we analyze our life we can feel that, as the age passes with time many of us become more reluctant to listen to others. Whether it is to the words of elders or to the people of similar ages. I have heard many of the elderly people comment on the attitude of my generation as "new gen people who are reluctant to the advice". 
The only problem with such people whom others call as "intolerant" is that they are not good listeners. When becoming a good listener many of the problems that one faces can be easily solved. It doesn't mean that one should accept whatever others might tell him. It is for the listener to choose whether to accept it or to reject it. But the patience to listen to others is the key in many situations. 
The patient listener always listens to the words of the speaker before he/she responds to it, which allows him/her to understand others in a better way. This can be made applicable in the practical life whether it is family or academic or corporate life. 
To be frank I must say I was not a good listener for a long time. But the day when I realized that many of the scars in my life could have been avoided if I had heard others properly at the right time. The benefits of becoming a good listener can't be expressed through words, it can only be experienced as it is said: "Experience is the best teacher". It is to be noted that sometimes someone can become a voice of success in our lives. So let us all become good listeners and bring harmony to our lives.

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