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#1: Brain Controlled Prosthetic Leg

Independent mobility is core to being able to perform activities of daily living by oneself. We have implemented a low cost brain controlled prosthetic leg, which uses EEG signals from brain to control prosthetic leg. The EEG signals are obtained using a device called” Mindwave”. The electrode in the head gear is used to obtain raw brain signals. The EEG power spectrums obtained using Mindwave is then processed using a microcontroller and control signals are produced. The alpha and beta signals play a prominent role for controlling voluntary muscles. They are processed for providing control action. The head gear and microcontroller can be connected using Bluetooth. The control signals from the microcontroller can be used to control an electric motor.

#2: Low Cost Automatic Battery Charger for Laptops

The laptop will be charged automatically based on the real time status of the laptops battery. The laptop's charger will be switched on and off based on the battery status provided the charger is always plugged in. The real time battery status is monitored using an ATtiny 85 through an USB to TTL circuit The status is wirelessly transmitted using a 2.4GHZ transceiver arrangement. Finally the charger is switched ON & OFF based the status received. This system can be used on any LINUX based platforms and the battery health is monitored. The UI and associated data acquisition were done using python libraries. This system enhances the battery life and makes the system more user friendly at a very low cost.

#3: Automatic Manual Shift for Cars

This project aims to solve todays problem among manual transmission in cars. In this study, a gear shifting mechanism was designed and applied to make the shifting process faster and less difficult for the driver. This device provides a solution towards the difficulty in operating gears in manual transmission cars. This system incorporates an electromechanical system which can be attached to the existing gear shifter without altering the existing system and also provides an option to use the existing manual shifting as such according to the desire of the driver. The system also includes a PID control mechanism to determine the gear stick motion and also to optimize the performance of the car at varying driving conditions.

#4: Low Cost Wireless Distributed Control System (DCS)

The aim of the project was to integrate the process stations present into a Distributed Cotrol System for academic learning purpose.  A low cost wireless DCS was setup using a Arduino-LabVIEW based arrangement. The data acquisition and transmission were done using Arduino while the process control and computation were done using LabVIEW. The wireless transceiver by Nordic Semiconducctor nRF24L01 was used in the project. The hardware prototyping was done and the project was successfully implemented.

#5: Capacitive Touch Steering

This project provides an add on mechanism to the existing power steering in vehicles. The system utilizes the capacitive action of conductive materials as the sensing part. The system eases the controlling of steering wheels to level of a touch screen without altering the existing mechanisms. It is directly powered form the car battery power supply. The project was implemented on tested on trial basis and is open to research. The key component used in this project is a  just a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller.

#6: Underwater Position Based Rescue System

In the case of water transport system, the safety of passengers is compromised to an extend due to lack of effective safety and rescue methods. This provides an efficient technology for rescue operations during such accidents. It helps in the easy positioning of victims during rescue operations. The was supported and funded by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment. The project was considered a huge success and is under further development.

#7: VLSI Design for Coke Kurkure Automation System

This was a study project, where a VLSI design sample was designed using NG SPICE and MAGIC. The project was part of the internship at Hewlett Packaer, Bangalore. The mechanical design of the chip was done in MAGIC while the electronic part was dealt using NG SPICE  The design evaluated by a team of experts at HPES. The project secured an ‘A’ grade and was selected for the best optimized design.

#8: DC Motor PID Control With Arduino and LabVIEW

This project involves controlling a motor’s speed and direction on the basis of proximity. Ultrasonic sensor was used to detect proximity. Atmega328 microcontroller was used and programmed using arduino IDE.H-bridge circuit was used to drive the motor.

#9: Comparative Study on Wireless Body area networks.

In this survey, a review of the on-going research in WBANs in terms of system architecture, address allocation, routing, channel modeling, PHY layer, MAC layer, security and applications is analysed. Additionally, a list of existing and applicable sensors, radio technologies and current research projects, open issues, and future work in WBANs is also presented.


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1. Technical Coordinator- Cognizance 2k13 - IEEE Intracollege Technical Fest.
2. FRAMES Club Photography Chair- Photography workshop by Canon India-  Arangu 2015- Inter College Cultural Fest.
3. Resource Person- Arduino workshop- Instrumentaiton Dextrous Etudients Association(IDEA).
4. Support Resource Person- 3D Printing Workshop- FABLab FISAT- Intra College Technial Workshop.
5. Volunteer- IEEE Kochi Hub Meet- Inter college National Level Event.
6. Resource Person- LabVIEW Workshop- Techathon 2017- Inter college National Level Technical Fest.
7.Chairman- Techathon 2017- Inter college National Level Technical Fest.
8. Programme Co-ordinator- International Society of Automation(ISA)- Technical Talk on Modern Industry Trends.
9. Chairman FRAMES -Photography Lead- Bharatham 2017- National Level Cultural Fest.
10. Speaker- ISA Induction Programme 2016
11. Speaker- ISA Induction programme 2017
12. Programme Co-ordinator- IDEA- Seminar on Oil Industry Security  Systems by Bharat Petrolium Coopertaion Limited, Kochi
13. Programme Co-ordinator- ISA-  Seminar on Industry Automation by Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, Eloor
14. Speaker- Technical Talk on Wireless Electricity Transmission- by IEEE FISAT SB

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