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I Myself, Manu Reghukumar

This website is my own personal account of my work as an E&I engineer, as well as a collection of my achievements, moments and opinions. I am a busy person and wouldn’t know how to be anything else; so hopefully you will find my website an interesting read an insight into  my life and about the projects I have completed. Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think.

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The Way Forward
Irrespective of which camp you belong to those who think that machines and robots are about to take over your jobs or those who are more optimistic about automation creating new ones, the fact, undeniably, remains that the jobs in the future will be different and will demand a whole new set of skills.The best example is to take the life of a young child and an adult. Remember in our childhood days we used to listen to whatever the elders used to tell us, particularly by our parents and teachers. If we analyze our life we can feel that, as the age passes with time many of us become more reluctant to listen to others. Whether it is...................

What it means to be Good Listener ?!!
Can we see the World without our own eyes? Many of you might say "No". But my answer will be a "Yes". We can see the World through the eyes of others by becoming a good listener. Becoming a listener gives us many qualities. While pondering over various segments of today's life, we can view the benefits of becoming a good listener.

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